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My good Portuguese friend, Miguel, is well known for one of the top TUMBLRs in the menswear world: Beyond Fabric. Miguel and I met up at Pitti in January for the first time and stayed in touch until we shook hands again at Summer’s Pitti. There’s a good picture of that moment, but I can’s seem to find it.

The success of his TUMBLR inspired Miguel to start his own webshop only a short while ago. He offers a small range of products like polo shirts and tees by Fuss and shoe stuff by The Laces Company, but most attention goes to the the contemporary make of a traditional Portuguese shepherd’s coat:


From the website:

Digging deep into cultural heritage, Beyond Fabric reinvents the traditional century-old capes worn by shepherds in Southern Portugal. Maintaining all the traditional manufacturing techniques and authentic materials, such as the unique wool fabric Burel, genuine mutton fur collars and checked inner linings, this version delivers an updated take on the original. Favoring mutton instead of fox fur and delivering a unique design with more fitted silhouette (without altering the cape-like essence), this is the ultimate statement outerwear piece, perfect to wear over a suit or a more casual attire: truly an exclusive garment.

028Menco Oger & Coat

This is next level stuff, but I have to be honest: I love it!!! Check all the models and colors on the Beyond Fabric webshop!