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Until now I haven’t actually met Christian Kimber, but we have been in touch for a while thanks to the world wide web. Christian owns his own shoe company focussing on suede loafers and boots and has added a series of accessories, including bracelets and pocket squares, to his collection not too long ago. Funny fact is that Christian and I have a similar daytime job and we started that actual job on the same date, September 2nd of the running year. Kimber works as a buyer for Henry Bucks in Australia. And the overlap continues as Bucks is one of the high end stores in¬†Australia – both Bucks and Oger represent the IMG (International Menswear Group) that hosts only the best of the best of independent high end menswear retailers in the world.

Christian sent me these lovely loafers to get a review from this Amsterdam blogger, fellow menswear follower and buyer colleague ;) Here we go!



You have to admit: the color is just great! I know I pulled the photo’s through a photoshop-like app, but it’s quite close to the true shade actually!





The last has a nice rounded front giving the loafers a classic feel; just like a pair of Alden’s or Carmina’s.

As it comes to quality, this is a very nice shoes compared to the price. I have only worn the pair once thus-far, but Рalthough sizewize I might need a bigger pair Рthat was a comfortable walking day. The sole is not as flexible as my Santoni loafers; that might be a reason why this pair especially is more fit for the Autumn and Winter season. I combined the green loafers with a grey NEW TAILOR suit, white Alessandro Gherardi shirt and a brownish and greenish Fiorio tie.