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You might not consider me the most casual of dressers as I work in the ‘sartorial’ industry, but every now and than even the suited up guys do have their days off and need to look around for someting different than bespoke or made to measure. Also, Summer suddenly hit Amsterdam with quite some force. Shorts and tees were the result.

In dressing casual or formal I stick to the same principles: keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it fresh.

_tee: 100 % grey cotton . H&M . rtw
_ shorts: 100 % blue cotton . H&M . rtw
_cap: blue cotton with white dots . H&M . rtw
_shoes: blue woven cotton . some Spanish market . rtw
_sunglasses: maple tortoise . ace & tate . rtw
bracelets: different natural materials . Viola Milano . rtw

la couleur blanche casual

This simple and plain cap is perfect for those long Summer days, keeping your head covered and your mind cool. I’ve been searching for a plain navy one for ages, but then bumped into this one at the local H&M and couldn’t resist the dots. Dots always rock. Remember.

The sunglasses come from young start up ‘ace & tate’, located in Amsterdam (just around the corner from my work place at NEW TAILOR actually). They have a lovely small collection of great quality glasses and sunglasses. Have a look at their international site. They’ve already teamed up with MENDO, one of the finest book stores in The Netherlands.

If you follow my Instagram, you know who that black piece of fur is.

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All photo’s shot by my buddy Sjoerd Spendel.