illustration routine . easter 2014

easterEnjoy these days!


work routine . modeling

A couple of weeks ago our marketing team at Oger and I sat together and decided to do a series of internal photo shoots to upgrade our online communication; both in emailing and through social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The picture on top is one of the photos that Ray took during the five hour shoot. For the next weeks you will be updated on the Oger Facebook page with new inspring outfit.

In this top picture I’m wearing:

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diary routine . week 15

I was really looking forward to this week as it was the first week in a looooong time that I took three days off in a row. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday would have been non-work-related. If only…

After a 10k morning run, the week started on Monday working on the shoe window display in our Amsterdam store; we usually work on all the window, but due to satisfaction about the displays from the week before we were happy to leave most of it as it was. Martijn and I afterwards left for Purmerend and picked up lunch at Koeman whilst on the way. At the head office we had several meetings with Oger staff about numerous subjects and then returned to Oger Amsterdam to arrive at 6pm. At that time we had a meeting with Dan from MR PORTER to show him the store and chat about online and offline menswear. Together with Dan, Martijn, Ray, Jeroen, Bjorn en Martijn we had dinner at The Seafood Bar, where had a lovely time for the rest of evening. Me having vegi pasta, the rest of the guys enjoying plates of fish. Whilst on my bike back home I decided to text Bouk and ask her to go for one more cocktail at 5&33, the bar just around the corner from our house.

The next morning I took the early bus to Purmerend for the (weekly) marketing meeting taking some hours discussing the past and upcoming events in the stores. I also had the time and chance to finish my internal autumn winter lookbook and work on general strategic points. Also finished some work before being away the three days after. Arrived at home aroudn 18:30 and wend to bed really early.

One of the main things I was looking forward to on this ‘free’ Wednesday was a 25 to 30k run. Weather was absolutely great and I decided to go and run most of the track that I ran about three weeks ago finishing a Half Marathon (at Brettenloop) in just under 1:38. So to Spaarnwoude I went. The first 5k were easy and fast and after the 8k point I got into the runner’s rush – I guess – only to wake back up again somewhere between 18 and 19k. Still hardly any pain actually… So decided to make an extra small loop to go towards 30k. And then came the 21st kilometer: within a couple of hundred meters the ‘atmosphere’ in my legs completely changed from fit to unfit. I didn’t feel like overrunning so just decided to stop at the actual 22k point. No problem; it’s still 22k!

Thursday, Bouk, her family and I visited the funeral of Erna, Bouk’s so called grandma. Lovely, small service at Sorgvliet. She will be remembered. Grabbed an afternoon beer also with her brother and spent the rest of the day doing stuff. Weird days when saying goodbye to loved ones…

Unfortunately my Friday was – like Wednesday and Thursday were partly – occupied by work not giving me an actual chance to relax and manage my own stuff. But it was for a good cause because on Saturday Iwe had the honour to receive Errico Formicola in the Oger Amsterdam store. He was there, together with his daughter Enrica, to measure jackets and inspire our clients for his collection. Nice to see some of my good customers and friends like Alexander and Niels drop by to order one of these great Neapolitan products. In the evening my colleague Maurits and I took the Formicola family for dinner at Belgian restaurant Lieve. Great night!

Sunday morning I took my new Nike Free Run 5.0 runners for their first spin. I bought them earlier in the week with a 30% discount at Bijenkorf; the same model I wore for the past 900k so pretty sure I’ll like them! It was a true Sunday – watching sports in tv (London Marathon, Rotterdam Marathon, Paris-Roubaix, Ajax-ADO) and having a grand big mac cheat meal lunch at Mickey D’s… I’m dead tired from this week :) New one just ahead!




diary routine . week 14

Over the past weeks I have been struggeling with the layout of my blog as you might have noticed :) Also preventing me from writing my weekly diary posts that always trigger a lot of positive responses. I think for the next couple of months, this is it. Just another bunch of blogpost underneath each other. Boring, but clean and clear. I’ve been in contact with my boy Sjoerd again to create a new series of outfit posts also!

Last week started on Monday 31st, final day of March. You might have noticed that I ran a lot in March and finished at just under 220k for the month. Felt a bit guilty in the end for not running on Monday morning, but hey, 220 is quite enough. Due to a cancelled appointment in Blaricum I left fot our Purmerend Headquarters to work on administrative stuff most of the day; in between Martijn and I received two kind gentlemen for a possible buying project for the future.

On Tuesday morning, I had called for a meeting with the full creative team (buying and marketing) to present the autumn winter collection for 2014 for them and us. It is of great importance that these teams work together as well as they can to cover the general view and feel of Oger every season. Responses were great I took the chance to also present them with a major change in marketing strategy for the upcoming seasons. Stay tuned ;) Afterwards we took off to Purmerend to work on the window displays. Viewing the weather predictions we decided to go on a summer look: lots of sand colors, cottons and linens. Great responses during the week. Most unfortunately, I got a distressing call from Boukje about her 93 year old ‘granny’; she had passed out and had been taking to hospital so I left around 5pm to join her family in the AMC. She survived the first nights but unfortunately passed away on Thursday evening around 9pm. Luckily surrounded by her loved ones…

Both Wednesday and Thursday I worked partially in Purmerend and partially in the Amsterdam store for different appointments and obligations. Couldn’t find energy to run on these days. I was happy to show a new colleague around the store on Thursday. Maurits is a great guy with a background at SuitSupply and Nike and another good addition to the Oger team!

My day off on Friday started with work, work and work in the morning as I was approached with many questions by the marketing team :) I needed to lose some energy and thus went for a 15k run crossing the canals and Westerpark. Together with Boukje, we grabbed a coffee and went for a walk in the afternoon only to have a simple dinner in the evening because I needed to get up early on Saturday morning.

The train to Rotterdam, on that early morning, was guided over all sorts of different villages due to heavy works on the line. I arrived just after 9am and explained the team that I was there to make illustrations of our customers over the day. In the end I was able to create four illustrations; customers were really pleased about the extra service. I didn’t finish them on the spot, but made a good set up so I can work on it during the week and ship the illustrations signed by Oger and myself to the customers. Due to a busy schedule at the made-to-measure departments I had to leave Rotterdam early in the afternoon to join that team at the last hours of the day. I was needed…

And I was needed again on Sunday, taking away my free day of finding myself on the couch with tea and cookies, watching the ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’ aaaaallll day long. But, good colleague that I am ;), I supported Diederik and Sam measuring and fitting suits between noon and 5 pm. I was a wreck at the end of the day. Happy to see Bouk create some good couscous for dinner :)

And here’s week 15! Enjoy yours!